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Aussie inventors showcase

Thanks to our rich culture of innovation and creativity, Australia has produced some of the world’s most brilliant minds.

The hard work of our home-grown experts in science, medicine, technology and engineering has led to countless trailblazing inventions. From Google maps to bionic ears, Wifi to pacemakers, polymer bank notes to spray-on skin, many of the technologies relied on by millions of people around the world were discovered or designed by Australians.

Meet the people behind some of our greatest inventions and innovations.

Meet Professor Fiona Wood AM – inventor of spray-on skin cells

Professor Fiona Wood explains how her work with burns patients led to the invention of spray-on skin cells – a ground-breaking discovery that has saved thousands of lives around the world – and how Australia’s vibrant research sector is helping advance the process even further through new technologies like 3D printing robotics solutions.

Meet Professor Veena Sahajwalla – inventor of green steel and green ceramics

Professor Veena Sahajwalla is a leading expert in the field of recycling science and inventor of two ground-breaking products – green steel and green ceramics. Watch Professor Sahajwalla explain how she came up with the idea of transforming waste tyres and plastics into high-quality steel, and turning waste glass and waste textiles into ceramic products. She also describes her excitement at working with a broad range of passionate people in research and industry to take her ideas from concept into the lab and, finally, to commercialisation.

Meet Dr Daniel Timms – inventor of the mechanical artificial heart

While completing a PhD in biomedical engineering in his early 20s, Australian mechanical engineer Dr Daniel Timms was inspired to invent a mechanical artificial heart after his father was diagnosed with a heart condition. In this video, Dr Timms talks about the design of the mechanical heart, its potential for reducing patients’ reliance on scarce donor hearts, and the support and encouragement he received from government, industry and the research sector in Australia to bring his invention to life.

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