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Are you a trailblazer looking for the best place to make your mark?
Do you lead a proven enterprise looking to relocate or expand?
Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative, cutting-edge startup set to take the world by storm?

If you’re the best of the best in your field, the Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce is offering you tailored support to bring your talents to Australia. 

Eligible individuals get priority processing for a Global Talent visa, which comes with permanent residency. And once you’re arrived the Taskforce is here to help.

We also offer fast tracked visas for your immediate family. And for businesses, we can help with visas for senior executives, crucial company staff and their immediate family too. 

Opportunities in future facing industries

We’re looking for exceptional talent in industries including: Advanced manufacturing | Agrifood | Arts and culture | Circular economy | Clean energy and renewables |  Critical minerals | Cyber security | Defence | Digital games | Education and research | Film | Financial services and fintech | Health and life sciences | Infrastructure | Space | Sport | Tourism

We’re also on the lookout for skills in enabling technologies and sciences such as: Biosciences | Blockchain and digital ledger technologies | Cybersciences | Data sciences and digital technologies including AI and machine learning | Materials sciences | Nanotechnologies | Quantum technologies | Robotics

Is this you?

Exceptional talent

We’re looking for entrepreneurs and trailblazers, including professionals and academics, with the drive to succeed and make a difference. We’ll assess your eligibility for Taskforce support based on your ability to:

  • generate multiple jobs, particularly in areas that fill critical supply chain and talent gaps
  • bring exceptional new skills and knowledge to Australia
  • make your mark as an innovator or serial entrepreneur
  • serve as a leader in your field with international distinction
  • create a vision for how your future success contributes to Australia’s future success
  • commercialise your ideas at scale 
  • contribute to the relevant industry ecosystem in Australia
  • obtain employment or become established in your field
  • make a significant economic impact.

High-yield businesses

Are you a senior decision maker or influencer in a high-yield enterprise? Is your business ready to expand to a new destination full of opportunities, or to expand your existing offering if you already have a presence here? If so, we’ll assess your business’s eligibility for Taskforce support based on its capability to:

  • create large numbers of Australian jobs 
  • invest significantly in Australia
  • add economic value to Australian society
  • drive cutting-edge R&D 
  • create or contribute to clusters of expertise, especially in future-facing industries
  • increase Australia’s economic and supply chain resilience
  • co-invest with Australian firms.

And you’ll need to be able to do all this at scale.

Express your interest

If these descriptions fit you, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have a general enquiry about the Taskforce, email We will only respond to Taskforce-related queries. Expressions of interest should be submitted through the links above.

The brain gain barometer

We’ve already brought many talented people to Australia – but there’s room for more. See where we’re up to with our ’brain gain barometer'

Global Talent Brain Gain Barometer graph

The sectors include, but are not limited to, the following skills and expertise:

DigiTech: quantum computing, cyber sciences, AI, blockchain, IOT, VR/AR, big data, disruptive tech, smart cities, machine learning, network engineering, cloud computing.  |  Health Industries: medical and biomedical technology, pharmaceutical and vaccine R&D, health, IT biochemistry, digital health, implantable and wearable devices, genomics.  |  Energy and Mining Tech: clean energy, resource robotics, computational metallurgy, geostatistics, circular economy, benefication, battery/energy storage.  |  Financial Services and FinTech: neobanking, payment systems, wealth and regtech, block chain, micro-savings.  |  Agri-food and AgTech: seed technology, nanomaterials, biofuels, supply chain and packaging, AgTech, food and beverage technology.  |  Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space: astrodynamics, satellite systems, rocket and avionics systems, urban mobility, acquisition and sustainment of equipment, automation, nano-manufacturing.  |  Circular Economy: bioenergy, sustainable production, recycling, waste treatment, waste to energy tech, emissions tech, responsible manufacturing.  |  Resources: engineering, geology, metallurgy, waste management, energy saving tech, extraction and processing.