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If you are a highly skilled and talented individual or a high-yield business wanting to relocate to Australia, express your interest by selecting one of the buttons below. You will be taken to a form on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.


Globally talented individuals working in priority sectors may submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to receive an invitation to apply for a Global Talent visa with priority processing. 

The process is:

Step 1. Submit your EOI – eligible candidates are invited to apply for a Global Talent visa

Step 2. Apply for a Global Talent visa – invited candidates receive priority processing.

An invitation does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa. Before you start, carefully consider the eligibility criteria for the visa.

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Common questions

To submit an EOI you must provide detailed information and evidence to demonstrate:

  • international accomplishments in at least one of the priority sectors (for example, CV, patents, publications, citations, project documents, awards)
  • your ability to earn at, or above, the Fair Work high income threshold in a priority sector in Australia (for example, pay slips, job offers, business contracts)
  • how your skills, experience, achievements and ideas will benefit Australia
  • that you have an eligible nominator (for example, Form 1000, passport)

Your nominator attests to your achievements, international standing and earning capacity. The nominator must have an established reputation in your field of expertise, and be either an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand citizen, or an Australian organisation. This includes other Global Talent visa recipients.

One way of approaching your EOI submission is to treat it like a job application. Make sure the information you are providing is in a concise package that helps us understand your achievements and only includes supporting documentation that strengthens your claims. A way to do this is to provide context as to why the information and evidence is important to your own situation. You can do this by including a succinct covering document and a resume outlining your achievements.

Complete the individual form


All information is used in accordance with the Department of Home Affairs Privacy Policy and Security Statement.

Business expression of interest

Leaders of high value businesses operating in one or more of the Australian Government’s priority areas can get a Global Talent visa, with permanent residency for themselves and their eligible family members.
To help move your business to Australia quickly and easily, you will be offered tailored relocation support from the Global Australia Taskforce (the Taskforce).
The Taskforce can fast-track visas for you and your critical staff. The Global Talent visa provides permanent residence for you and eligible family members. There is also a range of temporary or permanent visas your executives and other critical staff and their families can access to help you quickly establish your business in Australia.
Business owners can also access employer sponsored visa schemes, so you can rapidly deploy staff when you’re ready.

Common questions

To complete the business form, you will need to provide information about:

  • your business (for example, financials, annual reports, shareholder presentations)  
  • your interest in coming to Australia (for example, Australian firms you may co-invest with)
  • how your business will contribute to the Australian economy (for example, your ability to invest in Australia, create jobs and add drive cutting edge R&D)
  • the support you need (for example number of employees you will need to relocate, introductions required, tax assistance)