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Clean energy and renewables

Australia is committed to creating clean energy sources and prioritising renewable energy. We have an abundance of sunshine, wind and other natural attributes, making us one of the world’s most attractive markets for renewable energy investment and deployment opportunities.

Under the Australian Government’s Powering Australia plan, we’re boosting renewable energy as we look to reduce Australia’s emissions to 43% below 2005 levels by 2030 and reach our net zero target by 2050. In addition to generating around A$76 billion in investment and creating 604,000 jobs by 2030, the plan will:

  • provide A$20 billion to upgrade the electricity grid to support more renewable power
  • install 400 community batteries across the country with an investment of A$200 million to maximise Australia’s rooftop solar transformation
  • provide a A$100 million co-investment for 85 solar banks to ensure more households can benefit from rooftop solar
  • prioritise the use of electric vehicles through a National Electric Vehicle Strategy
  • support innovation in existing industries and the creation of new industries.

There will also be investment of up to A$3 billion from the National Reconstruction Fund to support renewables manufacturing and the deployment of low-emissions technologies.

The Australian Government is also providing:

  • more than A$500 million towards developing clean hydrogen industrial hubs in regions across Australia and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) projects and hubs
  • more than A$50 million in grants to accelerate priority gas infrastructure projects and support investment in carbon capture and storage infrastructure
  • an extra A$84 million in funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to support community microgrids.
$70 billion
In grants and incentives

Australia offers nearly A$70 billion in grants, incentives and funding pools to Australian-based companies across priority sectors.

Source: Accenture

Australia's leading role in clean energy and renewables

Capitalise on our IP protection, critical minerals deposits and investment in low emissions technologies such as hydrogen. Remanufacturing offers new opportunities with the increasing demand for sustainably produced goods.

Australia’s natural advantages also offer extensive development and investment opportunities including:

  • microgrids and storage solutions
  • future fuel technologies
  • solar power
  • wind power.

We’re investing in low emissions technologies and other projects right around Australia as part of our commitment to reducing emissions.

Our Emissions Reduction Fund provides incentives for a range of organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions.


Wind Turbines in Australia


Committed to renewables

We want to lead the renewables revolution in the same way we spearheaded the development and commercialisation of solar hot water heating. Renewable electricity generation has more than doubled over the last 10 years and, in the land of endless sunshine, we achieved our 2020 renewable energy target of 33,000 gigawatt hours and deployed renewables. This is 8 times the global per capita average, and more than 4 times the OECD per capita average.

The ratio of power generated from renewable sources in Australia jumped from 21% to 25% in 2021

Incentives, grants and support

  • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency provides grants for research and development and early-stage commercialisation of renewable energy technologies and projects.
  • The Clean Energy Finance Corporation supports energy efficiency, renewable energy and low emissions technology projects through loans and equity investments.
  • Incentives for organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions through the A$2.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund.
  • CSIRO’s research investment prioritises low-emission technologies to guide Australia’s energy transition.
  • Financial incentives for renewable energy generation are also available under the Renewable Energy Target scheme, which is administered by the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • The Australian Tax Office’s New Investment Engagement Service gives tailored guidance on tax issues to businesses planning significant new investments in Australia.


Australia's leading role in renewables

Thanks to a combination of natural advantages, corporate engagement, political will and a culture of innovation, Australia has the potential to become one of the world’s biggest clean-energy producers. In the fifth and final of our series of microsites in collaboration with Bloomberg Media, find out how Australia is taking a leading role in the clean energy revolution as the world strives towards net zero.

Are you a talented individual working in energy and renewables?

Get an idea of the kinds of skills and roles we’re looking for

We are looking for individuals who are energy sector innovators, focused on the future. We want people who are highly skilled in the development and extraction of energy and fuels, especially in hydrogen production and renewable energy technologies including solar and wind.

The following specialisations are intended to be used as a guide and are not an exhaustive list. The global talent profile provides examples of the calibre of individuals who may meet program requirements. 


  • Advanced visualisation technology
  • Artificial intelligence and machine 
  • learning technologies
  • Automation and robotics (for example, smart sorting technologies for recycling)
  • Traceability technologies (for example, experience with sophisticated material trading systems that make material sources more transparent to consumers)
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Clean technologies, renewables and hybrids (including solar, wind and 
  • wave power)
  • Battery/energy storage design (specialised, grid-scale and precursors for batteries)
  • Bioenergy and biofuels
  • Micro-grid design

Global talent profile

Founder and CEO of an internationally acclaimed start-up in the research and manufacturing of innovative clean technology for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Senior energy transformation engineering specialist in devising solutions for new energy technologies.

Executive with expertise in the development and delivery of large energy projects.

The following experience or professions would not usually meet the parameters of the program:

  • Technicians and construction workers
  • Distribution and sales representatives
  • Junior or mid-level power plant or mine operations managers


Advanced Manufacturing Factsheet

Photo of Matthew Muller standing in front of a green wall
Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and sunshine enabling us to be a global leader in green hydrogen.

LAVO’s ambition is to store and ship our sunshine across our nation and the globe, empowering the world with limitless energy to build a sustainable future. Our open and adaptive culture fosters collaborative partnerships and nurtures innovation to take this vision into reality.
Matthew Muller, Chief Customer Officer,

Australia’s clean energy and renewables ecosystems

Success stories

Enel Green Power Bungala solar project
The 204MW Edenvale Solar Park in Queensland
Renewable energy farm using a combination of wind turbines and solar PV arrays
photo of maria_del_camino_cabanillas_sevilla
photo of lauren bailey
photo of Dr Rachelle Kernen

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