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Meet Dr Penny Stewart - creator of orebody learning software

Mining engineer and entrepreneur Penny Stewart has developed and deployed some of the mining industry's first machine learning algorithms. In this video Penny talks about her journey in the mining industry and how it has been supported by the culture of collaboration and innovation in Australia.

Meet Noel Gordon - co-inventor of Google Maps

Transport yourself back to the 1990s, when Software Engineer Noel Gordon found opportunity in the dotcom bust. It led him and three partners to develop moving maps for the web which gave us Google Maps.

Agrifood technology in Australia

Australia has a reputation for clean, green and safe produce and a thriving export market. With a strong R&D ecosystem and government support, it makes us a compelling destination for investors and innovators in agrifood technology.
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Critical Minerals in Australia

Dr Kymberly Talbot from lithium-ion battery developer Feline highlights some of the country’s key competitive advantages.
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Circular economy in Australia

Australia is serious about putting valuable recycled materials to work. Find out how our natural advantages, infrastructure investments and pipeline of incredible talent are driving a booming circular economy.


Safe, stable and prosperous, it’s no wonder Australia is in the top 3 most desirable places to work. We have competitive tax rates, common-sense regulation, and we champion innovation. Watch this video to find out why Australia is the ideal place to grow your business and achieve your dreams.

Meet Dr Karen Lee-Waddell & Dr Keith Bannister – realising the Square Kilometre Array project

New world-class radio astronomy facilities in Australia are helping scientists grapple with questions like how galaxies form and whether we are alone in the universe. Dr Karen-Lee Waddell and Dr Keith Bannister talk about SKA – an international effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope in Australia and South Africa - and how the vast amount of data it will collect is a game changer for space science.

Meet Dr Katerina Agostino - the lesson of the black box flight recorder

The invention of the black box flight recorder is a story of Australian persistence and determination. Australia's Dr David Warren had the idea in 1953 for a device that would record not only flight data but also voices and other sounds in aircraft cockpits immediately prior to a crash. Dr Agostino, from Defence Science and Technology Group, outlines the support and funding available for scientists and innovators in Australia today that lets good ideas take flight.

Meet Dr Nasim Amiralian – making nanofibres from spinifex grass

Working with indigenous communities to harvest and process spinifex grass, Dr Nasim Amiralian’s pioneering bioengineering and nanotechnology research has the potential to create an entirely new industry. The University of Queensland researcher has discovered a process to extra unique nanofibres in spinifex grass that can be added to plastics and latex to make them thinner and stronger while still being flexible – attracting strong commercial interest.

Meet Professor Ian Frazer – inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine

This video in our Showcase of Aussie Inventors series features Professor Ian Frazer, whose discoveries led to the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil. Professor Frazer outlines how public health research funding and the efficient clinical trials system in Australia helped on his journey to success.

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