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Big investment brings big rewards.

The Australian government is supporting key industry sectors with targeted funding and incentives.

These thriving sectors are seeing strong growth and exports, powered by Australian innovation and international partnerships.

Join Australia’s success.

Priority sectors


Australia’s priority sectors - Advanced manufacturing, health and life sciences, financial services and enabling sectors


Australia is investing big in advanced manufacturing, which means outstanding opportunities for business
Providing scarce and precious resources that fuel clean innovations and power the world
Inviting expert contributions from business and industry to take us beyond the stars
Multiple opportunities for niche technology projects and industry partnerships in defence
Seeking a lighter footprint through future-thinking, clean, clever, low-impact, innovation programs
Providing a huge slice of cutting edge agtech and foodtech to the world market
An exceptional health and life sciences industry with innovation at its heart
Caring for every generation through breakthrough research and medical advancement
A sophisticated financial services sector ideally positioned in the Asia-Pacific region
Breathing life into the numbers through innovative fintech projects and startups