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Advanced manufacturing

Australia has a thriving, high quality and sustainable manufacturing industry. We’re embracing bold changes that will fuel new opportunities and scale up existing businesses.
We’re backing our manufacturers with significant investment – A$1.5 billion to help businesses invest in new technologies, scale-up and create jobs.

We’re already seeing more than A$114 billion in annual output for the whole manufacturing sector, including advanced manufacturing. Now we’re scaling up to thrive in major markets, including the US, the EU and throughout Asia.

Australia’s manufacturing sector is in high demand from foreign investors. In 2019 the manufacturing sector attracted A$131 billion in overseas investment.

If you’re a successful, high-growth company looking to move, you’ll be encouraged to develop your ideas here in Australia and have access to incentives, funding opportunities and partnership programs.


Join us as R&D partners 

Imagine, invent, innovate and collaborate.

Australian manufacturing is sharpening its focus on high tech products based on sustainable, advanced manufacturing processes. With dynamic links between universities, industry and research institutions, Australian innovative science and technology solutions are widely sought after.


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Australia is a nation of inventors and entrepreneurs. The electronic pacemaker (1926), the ‘black box’ flight recorder (1958), ultrasound (1961), multi-channel cochlear implants (1970s), wi-fi (1990s), the polymer banknote (1988), Google Maps (2003) and a cervical cancer vaccine (2006) are all Australian innovations.

The Commonwealth Science Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO), our national science agency, is recognised internationally for its quality research and is Australia’s largest holder of patents. And it’s always looking for partners. Its science and engineering skills, equipment and international connections are helping Australian manufacturers penetrate new markets and be environmentally sustainable.

Incentive, grants and support

There are incentives and partnership opportunities for every sector. 

The Research and Development Tax Incentive encourages businesses to invest more in R&D through tax offsets.

The Supply Chain Resilience Initiative offers funding to establish or scale up a capability that fills a gap in national supply chains.

The Modern Manufacturing Translation Stream Initiatives are designed for businesses to translate research and ideas into commercial outcomes.

Modern Manufacturing Integration Stream Initiatives are designed for businesses to integrate their products and services into domestic and global value chains.

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The Industry Growth Centres Initiative is a strategic, sector-based approach to growing our industries and creating jobs. Six Growth Centres support Australian business owners in high-growth, high value industries to realise their potential and ambition in:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Cyber security
  • Food and agribusiness
  • Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals
  • Mining equipment, Technology and services
  • Oil, gas and energy resources
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