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Critical minerals

Australia is a land of plenty, and is known globally as a resources powerhouse.

We have one of the world’s richest stocks of critical minerals and rare earths. We’re looking to scale up the mining and processing of these key minerals which are essential for high tech applications.

Our advanced manufacturing sector is building capabilities in the development of batteries, superalloys, petrochemicals and high-end technological applications, to provide us with an even greater export advantage.

New investments at the core

Recognising the potential, we’re working to position Australia as a world leader in the exploration, extraction, production and processing of critical minerals, by: 

  • investing in downstream processing including through the Exploring for the Future Program
  • providing incentives for innovation to lower costs and increase competitiveness
  • connecting critical minerals projects with infrastructure development


Powering new projects

Critical minerals processing and resources technology is a national priority of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative, ensuring ongoing support for advanced manufacturing projects in areas like:

  • renewable energy
  • aerospace
  • defence technologies
  • automotive (such as electric vehicles)
  • telecommunications
  • agritech

Partnerships and programs

Australia offers a broad range of opportunities for those looking to apply their skills and expertise in Australia’s resources and energy sector.

This includes access to funding opportunities for critical minerals, resources and energy development.

The CSIRO commercialisation marketplace lets you search for new opportunities in manufacturing and minerals. 

A place where startups and researchers can develop unique, high-tech products and devices is the CSIRO’s Linfield collaboration hub.

There are many opportunities for exceptional minds to bring fresh perspective to managing critical mineral reserves, processing expansion, tailings management and recycling. 

We can also connect you to specific opportunities available under state and territory critical minerals strategies.


Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus 2020

Australia is the:

  • number 1 producer of lithium in the world 
  • 2nd largest producer of zircon 
  • top 5 producer of cobalt, manganese ore, antimony, zirconium, titanium mineral sands
  • top producer of minerals required for lithium-ion batteries and ready to power the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry
Critical minerals tunnel

Recoverable resources

We have some of the world’s largest recoverable resources of tantalum | zirconium | titanium | lithium | cobalt | tungsten | vanadium | niobium | antimony | manganese ore