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Food and agriculture

Australia’s food and fibre is in demand worldwide. Our reputation for clean, green and safe produce make Australia a compelling destination to develop, commercialise, scale and source the next generation of agriculture and food technologies.

We produce more than we need and export 70% overseas. In 2019–20 Australian food and fibre exports rose to just over A$50 billion. 

Our innovative farmers, scientists and researchers are driving home grown advances in bioscience, novel farming techniques, food innovation and processing. They have pioneered the development of drought-resistant crops, robust irrigation systems and technology that can predict yields and recommend optimal pastures and stocking density.

Grow here

Our diverse agricultural production environments and climatic zones mean companies can trial solutions all year round. 

We offer opportunities for multinational corporations looking to build capacity and presence in Australia. We’re looking for agtech and foodtech businesses to trial and develop their solutions in a varied environment.


Your future of food in Australia

The agtech and foodtech sectors are booming, with more than 300 agtech and foodtech enterprises across Australia. The industry comprises farmers, startups, scaleups and enterprises, a rich pool of accelerators and incubators, industry groups, and world-leading universities and research institutions. 

A number of government grants are available in agriculture, as well as tax incentives for R&D

There are also exceptional opportunities in breakthrough research and technology solutions and partnerships. 

Companies can access support through rural research and development corporations, universities and dedicated agriculture and food innovation hubs.


Robot picking tomatoes


If you’re a researcher, the CSIRO, Australia’s peak science agency, is reimagining agriculture through its Future Science Program and if you are looking to collaborate and source their expertise, the company creation team is there.

  • Agricultural exports over A$50 billion 
  • R&D expenditure A$33 billion
  • 35 million hectares of organic farmland
  • Plant-based protein sector projected to grow to A$3 billion by 2030