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Recycling and clean energy

Australia is harnessing our natural attributes – abundant sunshine and vast windswept plains to produce clean, green energy. We’re driving innovation in converting waste, recycling water and producing new products as part of the circular economy.

It’s all part of our determination to reduce carbon outputs and expand our renewables offerings.

Empowered energy experts and companies keen to explore new technologies can take advantage of our A$1 billion boost to recycling infrastructure, recycling capacity and the potential for materials remanufacture. Incentive programs include:


Recycling and clean energy - woman


We’re creating the right investment environment for new technologies to be commercialised – while also preventing pollution from entering our oceans, and creating valuable new products. Industry-led investment in new recycling technologies is absolutely essential to mitigating plastic waste in rivers, beaches and oceans on a global scale.

Manufacturers working in recycling and clean energy can open up export opportunities by capitalising on our IP protection, critical minerals deposits and mining and hydrogen resources. Remanufacturing offers new opportunities with the increasing demand for sustainably-produced goods.

Creating a globally competitive hydrogen export industry is just part of our national hydrogen strategy. And Australia’s natural advantages offer unlimited potential and countless opportunities in renewables such as:

  • solar and wind power
  • bioenergy and biofuels
  • micro-grid design.

Incentives and opportunities

You may be able to access funding and programs to help grow your recycling or clean energy capability. 

Grants and funding are available through the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency sponsors research and development work, as well as innovation programs for industry. 

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is a specialist investment firm that funds programs in agriculture, cleantech innovation, energy generation and storage, infrastructure, property, transport and waste.

The CSIRO also funds scores of projects to aid low-carbon energy transition.

Australia’s commitment to renewables

Australia’s ambition is to lead the renewables revolution. We’ve reached our renewable energy target of 33,000GWh by 2020 – a year early. And in 2019, we deployed new renewables 10 times faster per capita than the global average, and 4 times faster per capita than Europe, China, Japan or the US. 

We’re ranked number 3 in the world on the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index, which rates the top 40 countries in the world on the attractiveness of their renewable energy investment and deployment opportunities.


Windmills and Worker

Investment in energy

  • The A$2.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund incentivises emission reduction efforts by farmers and industry
  • The A$2 billion Climate Solutions Fund supports the adoption of new and emerging low emissions technologies
  • The hydrogen industry could generate about 8,000 jobs and A$11 billion a year in additional GDP by 2050

The Australian Government has a new Technology Investment Roadmap for low emissions technology.