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Australia’s space sector is taking off and offers huge opportunities for those wanting to work on emerging technologies to improve life here on Earth.

Australia aims to triple the size of Australia’s space industry to $12 billion and create up to 20,000 new Australian jobs by 2030.

Our creativity, spirit of entrepreneurship and location are key factors driving the space boom, building on our history of international collaboration in the areas of earth observation, space object tracking and communication.

Stellar research programs and opportunities

The A$150 million Moon to Mars initiative is supporting Australian businesses and researchers to showcase their best ideas and technologies so they can join NASA's inspirational plan to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars. It includes:

Australia is also building critical infrastructure to ensure the growth of the sector through the A$19.5 million Space Infrastructure Fund

This includes funding to build space payload qualification capability and capacity in Australia, and test space equipment that is mission-ready.

The A$15 million International Space Investment initiative is helping unlock international space opportunities for Australia. The Australian Space Agency is helping Australian businesses participate in the global space market.

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, also welcomes business and research partnerships in astronomy and space science. Propose a new project or get involved in one of their many existing programs. 

Find out more about Australia’s ten-year plan in Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy.

A depiction of the space shuttle docked at the International Space Station orbiting Earth

Exciting new projects

Saber Astronautics has received A$6 million to establish a national Mission Control Centre, enabling experts and researchers to control small satellite missions.

Fugro Australia Marine will establish the Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) to encourage local research and development of remote asset management capabilities for use in space.

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is establishing the Australian Space Data Analysis Facility to ensure the most effective use of space information.