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Critical minerals

Australia is a land of plenty, and known globally as a resources powerhouse.

We have one of the world’s richest stocks of critical minerals and rare earths. As global demand for the next generation of technologies increases, we’re looking to scale up the mining and processing of these key minerals – essential for developing everything from lithium-ion batteries, smartphones, electric vehicles and solar panels to wind turbines and space shuttles. 

Our resource stocks and advanced technologies are the perfect marriage for boosting these advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Australia's Global Resources Statement promotes the quality, strength and reliability of Australia as a leading supplier of crucial energy resources and critical minerals to the world. 

A loan facility worth A$2 billion will soon be available for Australian critical mineral projects. The fund will help fill finance gaps in critical minerals resources developments to get them off the ground.

Australia: A leading destination for critical minerals

Australia can supply the world with the critical minerals to power new technologies.

  • Australia is the:
    • number 1 producer of lithium in the world 
    • 2nd largest producer of zirconium and rare earth metals 
    • top 5 producer of cobalt, manganese ore, antimony, zirconium, titanium mineral sands
    • top producer of minerals required for lithium-ion batteries and ready to power the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry
  • Our top 5 resources are antimony, cobalt, lithium, manganese ore, niobium, tungsten and vanadium
  • Australia has some of the world’s largest recoverable resources of:
    • tantalum | zirconium | titanium | lithium | cobalt | tungsten | vanadium | niobium | antimony | manganese ore

New investments at the core

Australia is already the largest producer of lithium and the second-largest producer of rare-earth minerals, and investment is set to surge as customers secure global supply chains.

Recognising the potential, we’re working to position Australia as a world leader in the exploration, extraction, production and processing of critical minerals by: 

  • investing in downstream processing including through the Exploring for the Future Program
  • providing incentives for innovation to lower costs and increase competitiveness
  • connecting critical minerals projects with infrastructure development.

Read more about how we’re doing this in the Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus.

We’re also building capabilities in our advanced manufacturing sector to develop batteries, superalloys, petrochemicals and high-end technological applications, providing us with an even greater export advantage.

‘Australia has one of the richest stocks of critical minerals and rare earths’ Dr Francky Fouedjio – from Cameroon, now in Australia

Critical minerals tunnel


Mining a wealth of opportunities

Australia is a world-leading exporter of high-quality, ethically sourced minerals extracted using environmentally sustainable practices.

International mining companies, junior explorers and financiers looking to do business here will find:

  • a mature mining industry and deep expertise in resource extraction and processing
  • supportive governments, policies, incentives and programs for the resources sector
  • pre-competitive geoscience information to identify areas of resource potential
  • robust regulatory, construction, environmental and safety standards
  • a stable business location with preferential access to the dynamic markets of the Asia- Pacific.

Ganfeng Lithium and Korea Zinc have both enjoyed a long and profitable history in Australia.


Incentives, grants and support

Australia offers wide-ranging support for those looking to apply their skills and expertise in our resources and energy sector. There are many opportunities for exceptional minds to bring fresh perspective to managing critical mineral reserves, processing expansion, tailings management and recycling. 

  • Critical minerals processing and resources technology is a national priority of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy, ensuring ongoing support for advanced manufacturing projects. As part of the strategy, the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals National Manufacturing Priority road map supports local businesses to commercialise and manufacture cutting-edge technologies, products and services for the global resources sector.
  • The Critical Minerals Facilitation Office connects critical minerals projects to local finance and funding bodies. It also facilitates international partnerships to help address supply chain risks, advance research and promote ethical sustainable practice.
  • Cooperative research centres like the Future Battery Industries CRC and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation offer support and advice.
  • The CSIRO commercialisation marketplace lets you search for new opportunities in manufacturing and minerals. 
  • The CSIRO’s Linfield collaboration hub is a place where startups and researchers can develop unique, high-tech products and devices.
  • The Australian Tax Office’s New Investment Engagement Service gives tailored guidance on tax issues to businesses planning significant new investments in Australia.
  • The Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Growth Centre, METS Ignited, works with Australian mining industry suppliers, global miners, researchers and capital providers to improve competitiveness and productivity of the sector. Activities include:
    • delivering the METS Ignited Sector Competitiveness Plan
    • launching the Accelerator Program to improve the commercialisation rate of mining technology into the mining sector
    • co-funding over 25 industry-led collaborative projects to fast-track mining equipment, technology and services projects into industry
    • enhancing workforce capability and skills with METS Masterclasses
    • establishing clusters of complementary expertise to increase commercial engagement opportunities
    • supporting NERA in delivering the Regional Hydrogen Technology Cluster Network  


Australia’s critical minerals ecosystems

Recent arrivals

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