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Digital games in South Australia

Digital games is an expanding sector in South Australia. More than 14,600 South Australians are employed in creative industries and more than 36,470 work in technology. 

The South Australian Film Corporation is supports web, interactive and games productions – and the studios that create them. This thriving ecosystem has attracted global and award-winning names including Sony Interactive Entertainment, Team Cherry (Hollow Night), ODD Games, Foxie Games and Killerfish Games. The state also boasts an acclaimed VFX industry, with Technicolor’s Mr X, Rising Sun Pictures, KOJO, Resin and Artisan Post Group all at home here.

For small independent studios, Games Plus, supported by AIE, offers collaborative workspaces, networking opportunities and specialist knowledge in the heart of the CBD. Its community includes creators, from solo indie developers to studios with 70+ employees, competing on the digital games stage.

The University of South Australia offers a dedicated front-end games design and production course, which incorporates an internship and major project with Mighty Kingdom.

Incentives, grants and support

  • Production Investment: Receive 10% of your South Australian production spend as a grant;
  • Post-Production Support: Receive 10% of the South Australian Post Production, Digital and Visual Effects provided as a rebate;
  • Revolving Film Fund (RFF): Loans are available with rates based on the 90-day Bank Bill rate, plus a 3% margin.
  • Video Games Development (VGD) Rebate: Receive 10% of game development costs as a rebate, claimable on eligible projects with a minimum $250,000 South Australian spend;
  • Export Market Travel Fund: Provides up to $5,000 travel funding for South Australian game developers to take finance ready projects to the international marketplace.

Find out more about state incentives here.

Case study

Games studio Mighty Kingdom started life in Adelaide in 2010. Now employing 100 people, it works alongside brands like Disney, Lego and Sony, and has released 75 games with more than 50 million downloads.

Express interest: As an individual As a business