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Digital Technologies (digitech)

Are you a talented individual working in digitech?

Get an idea of the kinds of skills and roles we’re looking for

We are looking for talented individuals able to contribute across the digitech ecosystem, including in innovative manufacturing, cyber security, finance, travel, communication, digital games and immersive technology, and transformative technologies which look at more closely connecting the physical world with the digital world.

The following specialisations are intended to be used as a guide and are not an exhaustive list. The global talent profile provides examples of the calibre of individuals who may meet program requirements. 


  • Data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Automation and robotics
  • Big data, data management and analysis
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cloud computing
  • 5G
  • Cyber security detection, prevention and response 
  • Data and eResearch infrastructure
  • SmartTech and disruptive technologies 
  • Front-end development
  • Internet of Things
  • Immersive technologies including virtual, augmented and extended reality
  • IT integrated control systems for plant and machinery
  • Machine learning engineering
  • Network engineering/architecture
  • Production and development of digital (video) games and game engine technology
  • Quantum information and computing
  • Smart cities
  • Specialised knowledge in software and mobile application development
  • 3D printing

Global talent profile

Founder and/or inventor of deep technology IP associated with digitech. 

Expert in human-centred design and design thinking, experienced in designing sites, apps and online optimisation strategies for high end IT firms.

Chief information security officer driving initiatives in virtualisation, Cloud, Internet of Things and cybersecurity across entire corporations.


Entrepreneur of an award-winning video game developer company that has developed a number of original titles targeted at wide international audiences.

Researcher and expert in software, platforms, game engine and AR/VR/XR tech including exemplary coders. 

The following experience or professions would not usually meet the parameters of the program:

  • Business analysts, developers and ICT consultants without international experience. 
  • ICT support centre managers.

Recent arrivals

Photo of Rik Irons-Mclean
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Anatoly Tulchinsky
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