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Why Australia for Digital Technology 2023

Australia’s A$167 billion tech sector is growing fast – 80 per cent in just 5 years. Find out why Australia is a great place to develop digital technologies.


Businesses looking for opportunities in Australia’s digital technology sector should read the Why Australia for Digital Technology 2023 report. It outlines Australia’s competitive advantages and expertise across the technology spectrum. This includes SaaS, fintech, cyber security, quantum, and digital games.  

Key points

The report highlights the benefits of building your digital technology business in Australia. These benefits include:  

  1. Thriving tech ecosystem: active venture capital, Australian global tech giants, and 21 unicorns  

  1. Advanced digital economy and world-class digital infrastructure 

  1. A strategic location for Asia-Pacific expansion 

  1. A tech-savvy nation of digital adopters  

  1. Talented and diverse workforce 

  1. Government driving digital innovation: strong incentives and R&D support 

  1. Opportunities across the technology landscape  

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