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Financial services

Sophisticated, deep and liquid capital markets make Australia one of the major centres of financial markets activity in Asia. The strength of the financial services sector is underpinned by a mandated retirement savings scheme, highly skilled and multilingual workforce and advanced business infrastructure.

The US$2.2 billion managed funds sector is underpinned by our compulsory retirement savings scheme (superannuation) that has created the fourth largest pension pool in the world.

Australia has one of the largest pools of contestable funds under management globally, valued at over US$850 billion.

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Opportunities for regional expansion

Australia’s financial sector regulation is recognised as world best practice, we provide a transparent and secure base for launching new operations within the region. 

Sector growth has been steady at around 9% per year over the last 20 years. We’re building on these strong foundations and making Australia a financial centre of the Asia-Pacific region. We currently lead the region in investment management, real asset financing and securitisation. Australia’s regulatory agencies also take an innovation led approach to new business models and assets classes.

Newcomers to the industry can access support through a number of sources, including Venture Capital Limited Partnership Program grants and for finance services exporters, the Export Finance Agency offers a range of programs.

We also offer a host of tax incentives, such as:

  • Attribution managed investment trust tax regime
  • Foreign resident capital gains tax regime
  • Non-portfolio dividends – exemption
  • Offshore Banking Units.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission has detailed information on the fintech and financial services industry.

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How we rank 

  • 4th largest pension pool
  • 5th largest pool of managed funds
  • 9th largest stock market 
  • 10th largest foreign exchange market.
  • US$6.6 trillion assets, 4.8 x Australia’s nominal GDP
  • US$2 trillion in pension assets, fourth largest in the world
  • US$2.2 trillion in funds under management, fifth largest in the world
  • US$119 billion OTC foreign exchange daily turnover, tenth largest in the world
  • US$1.2 trillion stock market, ninth in the world
  • US$1.96 trillion total debt securities outstanding, eleventh largest in the world