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Australian Hydrogen Equipment, Technology and Services

Australia’s ambition is to become a renewable energy superpower. We are decarbonising our economy and increasing clean energy exports to contribute to global decarbonisation. Australian-made hydrogen will be essential to our transformation to net zero by 2050.

Australia is well placed to play a significant role in the global hydrogen industry. Australian hydrogen equipment, technology and services (HETS) companies are advancing important innovations that will help accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. We are also developing enabling services that are supporting the development of the global hydrogen industry.


The Hydrogen Equipment, Technology and Services publication showcases Australian organisations that are making important strides across the hydrogen supply chain, including:

  • an ecosystem of companies that are developing novel solutions to drive the success of the Australian and global hydrogen industry
  • world-leading institutions that are undertaking industrial-scale research and innovation to commercialise hydrogen production, storage, distribution, utilisation and mobility solutions
  • education and training institutes that are supporting the emergence of a new hydrogen-ready workforce.

Partner with Australia to achieve your green hydrogen ambitions.

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