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The world is grappling with climate change, biodiversity loss, resource scarcity, waste and pollution. These challenges demand green economic transformation.

Australia can be your partner of choice for this transformation.

We have products, technologies and know-how that can help create more sustainable industries, deliver cleaner energy and train the workforce of the future. 

Now is the time to partner with Australia to achieve your green economy ambitions.

Australian Green Economy Prospectus

The Australian Green Economy Prospectus showcases Australian solutions that can help create cleaner, greener, more sustainable businesses. It describes the capabilities of some of our leading green economy solution providers.

Hydrogen Equipment, Technology and Services

This publication showcases Australian hydrogen equipment, technology and services companies that can help global organisations achieve their green hydrogen ambitions.

Accelerating Sustainable Mining

This publication showcases the sustainability leadership, technologies and expertise of the Australian mining equipment, technology and services sector.

Interested in learning more about Australia’s green economy solutions?

Contact us to connect with Australian green economy solution providers.


Join Australia’s transformation to net zero

Australia is positioning to become a renewable energy superpower. We are building new clean energy industries, expanding export supply chains, upskilling our workforce and forging global and regional partnerships. This creates significant investment opportunities for global companies looking to expand into net zero industries.

Find out more about investment opportunities in Australia’s net zero industries.

Success stories

Water flows through three small dam gates with four poles erected above with a single solar panel on each
A large bank of solar panels on a residential building
A blue and green rectangular connected to a red hydrogen gas cyclinder
Two goats amongst a herd of goats stand against a fence looking at the camera
Two men wearing high visibility jackets stand near mine equipment with one man pointing at a sign
A complex of steel frames, containers, pipes and gas storage cylinders for a clean hydrogen production plant