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Advanced Therapeutics in Australia

Innovate, Evaluate, Expand

Australia is at the forefront of producing and trialling cutting-edge therapeutics. The industry is backed by a robust regulatory framework and bench to bedside innovation ecosystem, allowing businesses to do it all in Australia.


Austrade has published a handbook that outlines Australia's expertise and competitive strengths in advanced therapeutics. It will be of interest to business and prospective investors in the life sciences sector.

Key benefits

The Australian life science industry has developed a critical mass over the past decade. It has grown by 40% since 2021 and has a market capitalisation of A$250 billion.

Benefits of doing business in Australia's life science sector include:

  • Exceptional health and medical research expertise
  • Bench-to-bedside innovation ecosystem
  • World-class clinical trial capabilities
  • Government support including tax incentives
  • Reputation for quality data, robust regulation and intellectual property protection
  • Proximity and strong business links to the Asia Pacific

Contact an Austrade specialist as an investor as a buyer