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Biomedical technology

Combine our advanced manufacturing capability with our expertise in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and the result is world-leading medical products – from drugs, biologics and vaccines, to innovative devices.

Be part of this growing industry by bringing your business, ideas, knowledge and skills to one of our many thriving companies or research centres.

You may be able to benefit from our R&D tax incentives to bring or expand your business here – or to start a new one. You may also be able to apply for grants from the Australian Government's A$20 billion Medical Research Future Fund, one of the largest endowment funds of its kind in the world which is driving development and commercialisation of innovative treatments, diagnostics and devices. 

You’ll also value our strong IP protection – we’re ranked 5th in the world for intellectual property protection.


Boy with Cochlear implant

A heart of innovation

Australia’s fast development cycles and culture of innovation make us an ideal market to trial and export devices and therapies. Our clinical trial capabilities and infrastructure are second to none, while our industry accelerators aim to halve development times. Medical incubators, attached to some of our leading universities, are designed to drive innovation.

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, is an internationally renowned catalyst for advanced manufacturing, connecting industry to global supply chains. Its work with industry on research into 3D printing has led to world-firsts in printing human body parts. It even invented Wi-Fi, the empowering technology at the heart of the digital health revolution. 

Australia’s strengths lie in:

  • drug and vaccine development
  • bionic devices
  • implantables
  • nanotechnology  
  • wearable devices
  • 3D printing of body parts.

Ranking: Australia’s 8th largest export sector; worth A$8.2 billion

Growth: CAGR 4% per year

Top export markets: US, China, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Netherlands

The 1200+ companies already working here in the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sector, including global powerhouses like CSL, Resmed, Cochlear and Nanosonics and newer players like Vaxxas and OncoRes Medical, are exploring much more.

If you’re a newer business or startup, there are incubators to help you network and advance your ideas. For example, Sydney’s Cicada Innovations.

Medical technology is just one part of our vibrant health and life sciences industry.


Science lab

As COVID shut down businesses around the world, Australian manufacturers ramped up. Development that would usually take years became innovative solutions within weeks or months. Australia’s medical technology sector played a key role in our swift response with companies pivoting to deliver essential supplies such as face masks, ventilators and diagnostic tests.

Doctor using ultrasound on pregnant woman

Top Australian medical innovations 

  • CPAP – a successful, non-invasive breathing support device – invented in 1981 and used for COVID-19 patients in 2020
  • EVestG – a diagnostic tool that detects mental and neurological illnesses
  • Gardasil – the HPV vaccine that is significantly lowering the risk of HPV-related cancers for women around the world
  • Electronic pacemaker
  • Ultrasound scanner