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Clinical trials

Ideal location for clinical trials

Australia’s clinical trial capabilities, skilled workforce and specialised infrastructure are second to none. With around 50 clinical trial networks and as many biobanks across the country, 1880 clinical trials were started in 2019, with 95,000 Australians participating. Conduct your clinical trials in Australia and you benefit from:

  • streamlined regulatory and ethics approval
  • a multicultural population ideal for trials
  • high-quality data that is recognised around the world
  • cost effectiveness – once tax incentives are taken into account, it’s 60% cheaper to run trials here than in the US.

Australia’s legal system also provides robust protection for intellectual property, encourages innovation and safeguards investment. Our IP regime consistently ranks in the top tier of international IP systems and is aligned with international standards.

It’s no wonder that our sophisticated clinical trials environment draws both local and overseas participants, with nearly one-third of industry-led trials in Australia led by multinational companies. In 2019 alone, more than $1.4 billion was spent on clinical trials in Australia.

Scientist removing a sample out of a petri dish using a pipette

Why Australia for Clinical Trials

Australia is an ideal location for conducting clinical trials. Austrade has developed a report that highlights Australia’s strength and capabilities.

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