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Australia has a track record for delivering complex, large-scale infrastructure projects. We’re accelerating our own mega projects to better meet the needs of our booming economy.

We’re investing A$50.8 billion over the 4 years to 2023-24 and bringing road, rail and regional projects forward.

Our population is set to reach almost 40 million by 2055, which is why we’re focusing on intelligent transport, advanced communications, future cities, critical water infrastructure, tourism, and warehousing and supply chains. 

InfraCompass rates Australia as a top performer or global leader in all 8 of its infrastructure drivers

In grants and incentives

Australia offers nearly A$70 billion in grants, incentives and funding pools to Australian-based companies across priority sectors.

Source: Accenture

A strong project pipeline

Australia has a strong pipeline of public sector funded projects. We’ve planned major road, rail, airport, energy and social infrastructure construction projects in our major cities and across key freight and transport routes in Northern Australia.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia provides real-time information on our Infrastructure Pipeline

Australia is focused on improving the safety, efficiency and productivity of fixed infrastructure investment, through the Office of Future Transport Technology and in line with the National Land Transport Technology Action Plan.

Map showing total value of infrastructure projects in Australia's states and territories, with a total of 1214 projects costing A$110 billion over 10 years

Fast facts

  • 86% of Australians live in cities and towns – almost 50% live in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Road infrastructure is expected to grow 4.7% by 2022
  • Road freight will grow by 25% and rail freight by 8% by 2030
  • Infrastructure industries accounts for almost 10% of Australia’s GDP
  • The construction sector has grown by an average of 3.9% per year since 1991–92
  • The total value of infrastructure engineering construction work in 2019-20 was $59.485 billion (in 2018-19 prices)
  • Major Australian construction companies include Lendlease, CPB Contractors and John Holland
  • Multinationals in Australia include Acciona, Keolis, MTR Corporation and Salini Impregilo

Future cities

The development of our cities and regional centres is a key focus at all levels of government. Around three-quarters of all Australians live in our 21 largest cities and these generate around 80% of GDP. That’s why we’re committed to building new infrastructure and redeveloping existing built environments to make these places some of the most liveable in the world.

In partnership with industry, researchers, urban planners, local communities and state and local governments, we’re rolling out our Cities Agenda to deliver innovative, smart city infrastructure projects in cities and towns across the country, including Townsville, Launceston, Western Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, Geelong, Perth, Adelaide and South East Queensland.

‘The forecasts for Australia and New Zealand are very strong, reflecting an expectation that the historical tendency of these countries to invest strongly in infrastructure will continue in the years ahead in support of strong demographic and economic growth.’

Source: Oxford Economics

Cutting-edge technology and training

With advanced communications networks and a nationally consistent approach to deployment, Australia is the top choice for trialling the latest transport technologies, like connected and automated vehicles. The high degree of safety and efficiency within our transport system makes us well positioned to adopt and test new technologies, and tech leaders around the world have formed collaborative partnerships with our universities, businesses and transport authorities.

We are also the go-to destination for rail industry training, thanks to our industry focus and our deployment of the latest virtual reality and 5D training technologies.

We are early adopters of innovative building materials and technology that accelerate construction while maximising quality and safety. Taronga Group’s RealTechX facilitates collaboration between emerging tech companies and businesses in the real estate and built environment sectors.


R&D at the forefront

Australia is a sought-after location for R&D of new infrastructure products and technologies. We have research centres around the country dedicated to innovations in transport, water and the built environment, with a strong focus on sustainability.

By bringing your ideas here, you’ll have access to collaborative hubs and a talent pool of experts in large-scale sustainable infrastructure projects. You’ll also receive generous tax offsets via the Research and Development Tax Incentive.

Home-grown innovations in transport and construction include:The SCATS intelligent transport system – deployed in over 100 cities worldwide

  • STREAMS – the smart motorways platform piloted in projects in the US
  • Driverless trains that operate 24/7
  • Train control centres located 1,800km from train networks
  • La Trobe Tower in Melbourne – the world’s tallest timber apartment building made from cross-laminate timber.

Incentives, grants and support

Joining the Australian infrastructure ecosystem unlocks access to diverse financing options, including public-private partnerships, federal grants and concessional loans.

  • The Australian SMART projects and supply chains service give you access to advice, guidance and network connections as well as grants.
  • The Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) is a A$5 billion lending facility to provide loans to infrastructure projects in northern Australia. 
  • We also have a large pool of superannuation (pension) funds under management looking for investment opportunities. In Australian super funds, you’ll find active investors with a strong knowledge of the sector, attracted by the prospect of long-term high returns for their members.
  • The Australian Tax Office’s New Investment Engagement Service gives tailored guidance on tax issues to businesses planning significant new investments in Australia.


Bridge over vibrantly coloured waterlands


Case studies

  • World-class solutions from Lendlease’s property lifecycle platform, Podium
  • Cubic Transportation Systems has its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Australia as it develops a range of future transport technologies 

Are you a talented individual working in infrastructure?

Get an idea of the kinds of skills and roles we’re looking for

Australia is seeking individuals with exceptional talent and demonstrable experience building large, complex infrastructure projects; operating complex infrastructure networks or harnessing emerging technologies that improve the safety, efficiency or reliability of our transport, energy, water or communication assets.

The following specialisations are intended to be used as a guide and are not an exhaustive list. The global talent profile provides examples of the calibre of individuals who may meet program requirements. 


  • Leading large complex transport infrastructure projects for roads, bridges, tunnelling, rail and airports 
  • Designing, developing or operating smart cities and technologies that improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of transport services using emerging transport technologies such as automated vehicles/trains, emerging transport network technologies or artificial intelligence machine learning applied in transport systems 
  • Utilising new technologies applied to electricity grids (distribution, transmission, micro/smart grids) that assist with the integration and transition to distributed generation, batteries and electric vehicles
  • Water management technologies

Global talent profile

Chief operating officer of a national freight company with expertise in large scale and complex interstate railroading operations.

Chief commercial officer of a commercial airline with a global reputation in developing new aviation business models. 

Internationally recognised expert in railway operations, instrumental in the success of multiple large-scale, government led railway and transport infrastructure projects in a number of countries.

Managing director of an innovative company known globally for sports products and infrastructure for international championships including the Olympic Games

The following experience or professions would not usually meet the parameters of the program:

  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Draftspersons


Australia’s infrastructure ecosystems

Recent arrivals

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