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Grids and storage solutions

With a population spread across our vast continent, our electricity system needs to cover long distances and respond to highly variable loads, making it one of the most innovative in the world when it comes to storage and smart grid technologies. Australia’s 2022–23 Budget commits a further A$149 million for microgrid projects across rural and regional Australia.

As we move towards a renewable future, we’re seeing increased demand for better energy storage solutions, such as grid scale and household batteries, and more efficient distribution options like stand-alone power systems, microgrids and off-grid solutions.

Local businesses rising to the challenge of meeting Australia’s energy distribution and storage needs include Genex Power, Magellan Power, GreenSync and Redback Technologies, while international players contributing to the market include French renewable energy producer Neoen, whose A$3 billion Goyder South wind, solar and battery storage project is supplying renewable energy to South Australia and the ACT.

By the end of 2021 in Australia:

  • there were 30 large-scale batteries under construction, with a combined capacity and storage duration of 921 MW
  • Australian households had installed 34,731 small-scale batteries with a combined capacity of 347 MWh

Success stories

Concept of energy storage system using solar, wind and battery storage

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