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Transition to net zero in South Australia

South Australia has vast wind and solar projects supplying more than half the state’s energy needs. Foreign and local investment is now also pouring into green hydrogen and ammonia projects.

Renewables SA encourages innovation, investment, and the uptake of clean energy across its leading industries, including space, defence, technology, mining, tourism and agribusinesses.

Innovation and research hubs

South Australia is a major research centre, with 5 of the world’s leading universities. There are also specialised innovation hubs. 

  • Lot 14 is soon to be the home of the A$400 million Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre and host to the Core Innovation Hub, Australia’s first innovation hub for the resources sector with a national ecosystem for suppliers, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry to connect and collaborate.

SA’s innovation districts (and many other locations) all have access to affordable GigCity infrastructure – for gigabit-speed internet up to 100 times faster than the national average.

Clean hydrogen is a major focus for South Australia, and as well as the Hydrogen Park at Tonsley, the Hydrogen Technology Cluster – SA H2H supports hydrogen technology collaboration in South Australia, delivering hydrogen supply-chain scale in South Australia.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd (MHI) is investing in The H2U Group, the leading Australian developer of green hydrogen and green ammonia projects using power derived from renewable energy sources.

Incentives, grants and support

Venture capital for early-stage companies may be available through the South Australian Venture Capital Fund

Case studies

AGIC and The Australian Gas Network (AGN) are providing a natural gas and hydrogen blend to more than 700 homes in the Mitchell Park region of South Australia. This test region will help define the needs and advantages of blended fuel sources for consumers.

The Eyre Peninsula Gateway Hydrogen Project is one of many green hydrogen and green ammonia projects being developed by H2U, and recently attracted investment from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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