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Transition to net zero in Tasmania

Tasmania has met its 2022 aim of 100% self-sufficiency in renewable energy production – a one of only a handful of locations around the world to have achieved this.

State government initiatives include:

The Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Funding Program and the Energising Tasmania program are developing the skilled workforce required for the Battery of the Nation initiative and the broader renewable energy sector. With first-class wind resources and extensive hydroelectricity schemes Tasmania will double its installed renewable energy generation to 200 per cent of its current needs by 2040 and be net carbon neutral before 2050.

Under the bold Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan, Tasmania expanding its renewable hydrogen production and establishing a global supply chain.

Making strides in research, the Future Energy Research Group aims to make Tasmania an internationally recognised experimental hub for energy by bringing together experts from multiple disciplines to work on energy governance, markets, culture, and technologies.

Energy innovations sparked by such collaborations can find a home in specialised incubator spaces like Enterprize, where startups are supported to grow and thrive.

A number of renewable energy ideas have also been picked up and supported through Energy Lab’s Smart Energy program and more opportunities are planned for the future.

Tasmania presents numerous opportunities for investment, including areas such as renewable energy generation, renewable hydrogen, bioenergy and decarbonisation projects.

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest generator of clean, renewable energy . This government business enterprise owns and operates 30 hydropower stations and 54 major dams, with a joint venture in 3 Tasmanian wind farms.



Incentives, grants and support

International businesses may qualify for services, resources and support such as:

Case study

Granville Harbour Wind Farm, on the west coast of Tasmania, can generate up to 112 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. The wind farm can power up to 46,000 homes and has helped Tasmania achieve its goal to become 100% self-sufficient in renewables. The wind farm is expected to become one of the most productive and efficient wind farms in Australia, producing around 400GWh hours of energy every year.

Innovation map for Tasmania

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