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Space in New South Wales

NSW is home to the largest base of space technology customers in Australia. There are opportunities for businesses to expand their service offerings across a range of industry sectors including agriculture, defence and finance.

New South Wales employs thousands of people in businesses and organisations with space-based capabilities, and exports A$120 million of goods and services annually. The state’s role in this emerging sector is outlined in ‘The Future of Space Made in NSW.’

Broad and deep space capabilities

Highly innovative, competitive and technically sophisticated, New South Wales offers businesses wanting to establish themselves or invest here:

  • diverse sub-sectors including advanced manufacturing, avionics and electrics, satellite and communications, maintenance, repair and overhaul, componentry, civil aviation and space
  • significant aerospace-based defence presence within the state

World-class space research and development facilities and precincts

  • The Australian Centre for Astrobiology is a research organisation examining research into the possibility of life on Mars and other planets. It’s one of only two centres outside the USA that are Associate Members of the NASA Astrobiology Institute

Leading education facilities

New South Wales is home to 26 departments across 8 universities involved in space education, and research and development. NSW is a leader in space education and training with 31% of Australian university departments active in space based in the state. Around 30% of people involved in space activities are based in NSW, the largest percentage of any state.

Incentives, grants and support

For the private sector, Investment NSW is dedicated to attracting and growing Australian and global companies, overseas capital and talent

  • The A$250 million Jobs Plus Program supports companies who want to relocate their head offices to New South Wales or expand their employment footprint in the state
  • The Regional Skills Relocation Grant may suit businesses operating in eligible regional industries to assist with the relocation costs of eligible skilled workers from metropolitan areas.

Innovation map for New South Wales

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