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Hysata team at its base in Wollongong. Credit:

Investors fuel breakthrough hydrogen technology

  • Article
8 Aug 2022

Australian technology startup Hysata is a step closer to delivering the world’s lowest-cost green hydrogen after raising more than A$42 million to fund its expansion and build a pilot manufacturing plant. The company has attracted global interest in its transformative electrolyser technology, which it says will significantly improve the efficiency of producing green hydrogen and will “move the needle” for multiple industries looking to replace fossil fuels. Investors include global wind turbine maker Vestas, Australian heavyweight BlueScope Steel and UK climate tech fund Kiko Ventures.

The CSIRO are developing new printable solar cells that are flexible, light weight and are so thin that they can cover most surfaces.

CSIRO shines with revolutionary solar cells

  • Article
5 Aug 2022

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO is developing environmentally friendly mass-produced solar cells that could revolutionise the industry and create new opportunities for Australian businesses. Using organic materials instead of silicon to make photovoltaic solar cells, CSIRO’s world-leading work means the next generation of solar panels will be lighter, more flexible and attractive and – importantly – cheaper. For local manufacturers, the low barrier to entry of this technology will enable them to create new markets, add value to existing markets and generate jobs.

people with tablets

Australia helps researchers build commercialisation skills

  • Article
2 Aug 2022

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has announced the return of the ON Program which helps researchers engage with business to commercialise their ideas. Established in 2015, the program has supported more than 3000 people from 52 research organisations turn their ideas into real-world solutions. This year the program offers ON Prime, focused on understanding customer needs, and ON Accelerate, a full-time structured innovation accelerator. The Australian Government funds the program, which is free for publicly funded research teams.  

man with semi conductor

Electronics 3D printing company expands to Australia

  • Article
1 Aug 2022

Innovative Nasdaq-listed Israeli scaleup Nano Dimension has opened its first office and 3D printing technology lab in Australia. The company’s technology can be used to design and manufacture electronic devices that cannot be made with traditional manufacturing processes. It will be based at a new tech hub for scaleups in Sydney, which also serves as a landing pad for international businesses entering the Australian market.

tank in front of explosion

Antimony: a critical opportunity in Australia

  • Article
1 Aug 2022

Australia has the opportunity to play a leading role in the global supply of a critical mineral called antimony – a key component in high-tech devices such as smartphones, cars and computers and widely used for defence equipment due to its fire-retardant and anti-corrosion properties. While modern economies all rely on this little-known but vital metalloid, supplies are largely dependent on the two biggest producers, China and Russia. With Australia having the fourth-largest reserves of antimony in the world, industry experts point to the enormous potential for stepping up production here and bolstering global supply security.

trucks on road

Thumper trucks unlock Australia’s deep secrets

  • Article
28 Jul 2022

A detailed geological survey that uses ultrasound-style technology is taking the guesswork out of potential resource riches that lie deep beneath Australia’s surface. Part of the government’s A$225 million Exploring for the Future program, the project involves a convoy of ‘thumper trucks’ fitted with vibrating plates that send seismic waves into the ground to create images of the rocks below. The trucks are currently moving slowly through south-eastern Australia, collecting data that will enable companies to target their search for in-demand critical minerals and metals.

Rocket launch

Sydney students announced as world rocket engineering champions

  • Article
26 Jul 2022

An Australian university team has beaten 97 other student teams from around the globe to secure the 2022 Spaceport America Cup.The University of Sydney Rocketry Team was named overall winner after placing first in three categories – including for the launch of their 30,000 feet commercial-off-the-shelf rocket, Bluewren. In another category they were placed first for their design of an innovative solution to the growing problem of space junk.

man in respirator

CSIRO to develop world’s best defence respirator

  • Media release
26 Jul 2022

An innovative Australian partnership is developing the world’s most advanced respirator to combat chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contaminants. Using metal organic material and cutting-edge technology, the protective equipment will also reduce exposure to toxic industrial chemicals. With funding through a A$640 million government innovation program, the project will see national science agency CSIRO working with two SMEs – chemical manufacturing business Boron Molecular and defence technology provider EPE Trusted to Protect – along with one of Australia’s world-leading research institutions, Monash University.

Little Phil co-founders Mathew Sayed and Josh Murchie standing in front of the Griffith University sign

Charity disrupter Little Phil set for growth

  • Article
22 Jul 2022

An Australian not for profit is using innovative blockchain technology to transform the way charities and donors track their donations. Little Phil – short for Little Philanthropist – is building its global presence with expansion into North and South America, where it will collaborate on projects involving music stars, sporting codes, visual artists and other celebrities to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aligned with charitable causes. Its groundbreaking technology provides greater transparency and helps cut administration costs, which can significantly eat into donations.

moon module

Australian company helps NASA get to Mars

  • Article
19 Jul 2022

Australian company Advanced Navigation has been awarded one of the Government’s first Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement grants. The grant will allow Advanced Navigation and Australian software company Q+CTRL to develop a world-first quantum-enhanced inertial navigation solution for space launch vehicles, satellites, and landers. This technology will be pivotal to NASA’s Artemis Lunar Exploration Program.


people behind desk

Australia – United States Net Zero Technology Acceleration Partnership

  • Article
15 Jul 2022

On 12 July 2022 representatives from Australia and the US met in Sydney to facilitate greater partnership in research and development towards net zero emissions. Under the United States Australia Net Zero Technology Acceleration Partnership, cooperation will focus on practical collaboration, including support of applied research, development, pilot projects, and demonstration projects of mutual benefit. Read the full Statement.

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