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Australia invests in space

Australia recently released the Space National Manufacturing Priority road map which sets a plan for industry and government to work together towards a common vision to back space manufacturing. Space is one of six National Manufacturing Priorities identified in the Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

The purpose of the road map is to identify industry‑led and Government‑backed projects and investments that will increase space manufacturing activity over the next decade. 

Australia’s strengths and advantages in space (such as our capabilities in advanced communication technologies and services, Earth observation, robotics and automation, as well as our unique geographical location) provide significant opportunity for growth. The space sector is also a key enabler of the broader economy, able to create highly-skilled jobs, and open up new markets for existing industries in manufacturing.

Growth opportunities identified in the road map include:

  • Products that go into space – robotics and automation systems, nano and small satellites, launch vehicles, payloads, and propellants and fuels
  • Space components – sensors, communications arrays, solar panels and optics, as well as position, navigation and timing tools, and structural components
  • Associated products and infrastructure – launch facilities, new technologies and materials, optical wireless communication technologies, and key ground segment subsystems.

Project co-funding is through the $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative, which has been opened for eligible projects in the space sector. Find out more about the space road map and funding opportunities under the translation and integration streams.


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