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Pellenc ST - Net zero, circular economy, advanced manufacturing

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Pellenc ST invests A$10.9m in Australian test and demo facility

French waste and recycling equipment manufacturer Pellenc ST is investing A$10.9 million to build a test and demonstration facility in Sydney’s Gregory Hills industrial district.

The facility will officially open on 31 October 2023. It will include a 600 sqm warehouse and 150 sqm of office and training space.

The investment will create 15 jobs.

Tapping into Australia’s circular economy and R&D opportunities

Pellenc ST designs and manufactures smart sorting machines for the waste management and recycling industries. The company has a presence in more than 40 countries. This is its first investment in Australia. 

Pellenc ST invests more than 10% of its turnover on research and development (R&D). The company is keen to tap into Australia’s circular economy R&D ecosystem. It is exploring potential partnerships with Australian universities and research organisations. 

Australia’s thriving circular economy

Australia is committed to reducing waste and putting recycled materials to work. The country is:

  • working to meet or beat 80% recovery rate of its waste by 2030
  • regulating the export of glass, plastic, tyres, paper and cardboard
  • investing more than A$1 billion to turbocharge its waste and recycling industries
  • supporting recycling schemes through the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund
  • halving food waste by 2030. 

There are investment opportunities in Australia, including:

  • recyclable products and packaging
  • cleaner feedstocks for remanufacturing (and enabling tech)
  • products from recycled feedstocks (such as plastic, organic waste or e-waste)
  • recycling clean energy components (including PV panels, wind turbines and batteries). 

Find out more about Australia’s circular economy, including grants and incentives for investment.

How Austrade helped

Austrade supported Pellenc ST with information such as:

  • waste management market mapping
  • state and territory circular economy roadmaps, waste streams and landfill levies
  • incentives and grants offered by the New South Wales Government
  • salary guide reports and Sydney real-estate market studies
  • immigration consulting, business and labour law firms.

Austrade also provided introductions to Investment NSW and helped facilitate visas for Pellenc ST staff.

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Published: 20 July 2023

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