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Why Australia Benchmark Report 2023

Open, prosperous and talented, Australia is a hub for business. Our innovative economy attracts investment from multinationals, start-ups and research organisations from around the world.

The latest data shows total level of direct foreign investment in Australia surpassed A$1 trillion in 2021 – equivalent to almost half of our economy.

Discover why Australia is a great investment destination.


The Why Australia Benchmark Report 2023 is an annual publication by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) that details the advantages of choosing Australia as an investment destination. The report compiles key economic, financial, social and demographic data from respected national and international sources. It provides an overview of our economic fundamentals and businesses conditions. It demonstrates why Australia is one of the most attractive countries for doing business.

Key findings

Australia’s economy is expected to grow by 1.6% in 2023 – continuing to outpace other advanced economies. Australia’s reputation as an open, prosperous, and innovative economy makes us a leading and attractive destination for global business.

Our advantages include:

  • Our strong economic fundamentals and prudent economic management.

    • Australia’s legal and governance systems are transparent and trustworthy.
    • Our low tax and adaptive regulatory environment make us a business-friendly nation.
  • We're an innovative economy underpinned by our diverse and highly skilled workforce.
  • We’re set to become a renewable energy superpower.
  • We’re an open economy with worldwide connections including strong ties to the Asia-Pacific region.

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