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Community spirit

Australians are a generous people. We love being an active part of our communities and working with our neighbours to improve the lives of others. Community fundraising and volunteering are an essential part of the Australian experience. The enthusiasm to reach out and make a difference powers a culture of caring.

We celebrate our volunteers. A third of adult Australians volunteer regularly through non-profit and charity organisations, or community activities. Half of our 55,000 charities run without any paid staff thanks to the number of people who give their time every week.

Local sport would not exist without the energy of volunteers, and the fundraising BBQ is an integral feature of every weekend activity.

Australia is the highest rated developed country on the Charities and Aid Foundations’ World Giving Index, 2020. 

The Australian community spirit has led the way for global movements, such as the purely volunteer surf lifesaving service, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the State Emergency Service that helps communities respond to natural disasters.


Royal Flying Doctor Service

Australians donated more than A$500 million to bushfire appeals in 2019–20. Communities came together to protect homes and businesses, rescue wildlife, and to provide food and shelter for those whose homes were damaged.

Surf life saver

And as one of the most successful, diverse and cohesive societies in the world, we embrace our recent arrivals who have chosen Australia as their new home. We welcome their enthusiasm to get involved and reach out in their new communities to help others

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88.3% of Australians say they have a sense of belonging and 84% say that in the local area people from different national or ethnic groups get on well together, according to Monash University’s Mapping Social Cohesion Report, 2020