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A great place to live

World famous lifestyle

The Australian lifestyle. It’s well known and envied the world over. 

Australians live in a safe and stable country with a friendly and relaxed culture that makes it easier to achieve a work-life balance. 

And it’s beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. Spectacular landscapes, dynamic cities, vibrant regional centres, and a professional culture that allows you the time to enjoy them.   

Australians are warm and welcoming, hardworking and creative. We’re one of the most multicultural countries on Earth, and home to the world’s oldest living culture. Our diverse population makes it easy to connect with your heritage, and feel you’re part of a truly globally-connected community.

We have three cities which are regularly ranked in the top ten of the world’s most liveable – Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.


Family playing cricket on the beach


Health system

All Australians have access to high quality, timely and affordable healthcare. Medicare is Australia's universal health care system, providing free public hospital care and patient subsidies for medical services, while the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme ensures affordable medicines. 

Strong rule of law and political stability

The quality of governance in Australia ranks among the best in the world. Australia’s regulatory environment, rule of law and lack of corruption are all graded highly by the World Bank. 

Strong governance is key to economic growth and security, providing a drawcard for multinationals expanding their businesses or considering Australia as a base for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

We are a parliamentary democracy with separate legislature, judiciary and executive branches. Every Australian has a voice, as voting is compulsory, and elections are held every 3-4 years, depending on the level of government. 


Perth bike ride

How we rank

  • Australia was ranked number 1 for wellbeing
  • 3 states were in the top ten for regions: 1st ACT, 5th Victoria, 10th Western Australia

(Source: 2018 OECD regional wellbeing)