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A great place to live

World famous lifestyle

The Australian lifestyle. It’s often called our superpower, and it's envied the world over. 

Australians live in a safe and stable country with a friendly and relaxed culture that makes it easier to achieve a work-life balance. 

And it’s beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. Spectacular landscapes, dynamic cities, vibrant regional centres, and a professional culture that allows you the time to enjoy them. Three Australian cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide – are regularly ranked among the world’s top 10 most liveable.  

Australians are warm and welcoming, hardworking and creative. We’re one of the most multicultural countries in the world, and home to the world’s oldest living culture.

‘You can enjoy every second of your life here’ – AFM Saiful Haque Misha, from Bangladesh, now based in Sydney

Family playing cricket on the beach

Excellent healthcare

All Australians have access to high quality, timely and affordable healthcare at every stage of life.

Medicare is Australia's universal health care system, providing free public hospital care and patient subsidies for medical services, while the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme keeps medicines affordable. 

for health security

Australia ranks 2nd in the world on the Global Health Security Index for our health security capabilities

High-quality education makes Australia great for families

Australian schools are among the world’s best. Our public schools provide free high-quality education to all students. There are also a variety of non-government and faith-based schools.

Students in Australia benefit from university-trained teachers and excellent school facilities. There’s support for every child, including programs to extend gifted and talented students, and individual learning programs for students who need extra support.

Australian students rank above the OECD average in reading literacy, science and mathematics, according to the most recent Programme for International Student Assessment.

Australia’s higher education sector has world-class universities and we’re a preferred destination for international students. We rank 3rd globally for the number of universities in the world’s top 100.

Australia is safe, prosperous and free

Backed by our strong economy, Australians enjoy a high standard of living. We’re ranked 3rd in the OECD for household incomes and are the 2nd wealthiest nation on earth in terms of median wealth per adult. This prosperity gives people the freedom to enjoy all that our world-class cities have to offer – from incredible food and wine to boutique shopping and an extensive calendar of sporting and cultural events.  

And it’s the ideal place to raise a family. Living in Australia, you’ll feel a deep sense of safety and freedom thanks to our enduring political stability and open, diverse society. At the same time, Australia’s beautiful climate and clean, green spaces encourage a healthy outdoors lifestyle. It’s a recipe that puts Australia first for wellbeing among OECD countries

Perth bike ride

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