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Talented workforce

Our greatest asset is our people. Our diverse, highly skilled and multilingual workforce is one of the most educated in the world.

Australian workers are highly skilled, thanks to an excellent education system, quality scientific research institutions, and availability of specialised training services.

And we’re globally connected.

Around one in four Australians were born overseas, putting Australia well ahead of the OECD average, and above Canada, Germany, the UK, the US and France. With a high proportion of skilled migrants, Australia’s workforce is culturally diverse, with language and business skills that give Australia the edge in cross-border business.

Companies that relocate to Australia can choose from a pool of digital-savvy, culturally sensitive and multilingual talent. You’ll find employees to support business innovation, service customers around the world and help you expand into growing markets.

Group of students working in lab

Putting energy into services

Approximately 90% of Australia’s workforce is employed in the services sector. In some sectors, over 60% of the workforce holds a tertiary qualification. High-skill sectors include scientific and technical services, financial and insurance services, and health and life sciences.

Australia's employed persons industry, 2019
Scientists in lab

Australia’s workforce at a glance

  • Ranked in the top 10, globally, for the availability of skilled labour
  • Approximately 44% of workers has a tertiary qualification
  • A culturally diverse workforce, with almost 28% of workers born overseas
  • Sustained periods where labour-productivity growth exceeds growth in real wages
  • A multicultural population, where 2.1 million Australians speak an Asian language and 1.3 million speak a European language
Skilled workforce and innovation indications - Global rankings, 2019