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United in diversity

​Australia is one of the most successful, diverse and cohesive societies in the world.

Indigenous Australian male

We owe our accomplishments as a nation to the contributions of more than 300 different ancestries - from the First Australians to the newest arrivals. 

Diversity in Australia - two brothers

Australia welcomes those who have migrated here to be part of our free and open society, to build their lives and make a contribution to our nation. Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest assets - it sparks innovation, creativity and vitality. Our economy is strengthened by the skills, knowledge, linguistic capabilities and networks of our diverse workforce.


Couple in Australia

Our inclusive national identity is built around our shared values. Australians believe in respect, mateship and a fair go. These define and shape our country, and together with our democratic institutions, have created our peaceful, prosperous and stable society.